Musician Injury Screen Test

The Musician Injury Screen Test involves a detailed interview and musculoskeletal testing by a physiotherapist. Its purpose is twofold:

1. to identify potential risk factors for injury prevention

2. to enhance performance for the musician / performing artist

The screen test is modelled after athlete screen tests that are used amongst elite and professional athletes to achieve the same purposes. These aspects of physical health of the musician are examined:

spinal posture

  • Are there asymmetries that could be leading to stress in the neck, back and arms and legs?

muscle balance

  • Are muscles being underused or overused?

joint-specific flexibility

  • Are certain joints hypermobile (too much range of motion) or hypomobile (too little range of motion)

neural mobility

  • Is there stiffness in the nerve mobility that is contributing to nerve symptoms or muscle weakness?

core strength

  • What is the status of the musician’s core strength and how does it translate to their arms and hands?

body awareness / proprioception

  • How aware is the performing artist regarding positioning and posture when playing their instrument?


The Musician Injury Screen Test is meant for both the injured and uninjured. What one can expect after having the screen test done is a picture of one’s “weak”and “strong”areas and how they can be dealt with. Some musicians walk away with a custom exercise plan for their bodies, while others receive new ideas on how they might posture themselves when practising and performing. Others might find tips regarding life habits that may be influencing your playing, as well as helpful advice regarding equipment and instrument set-up. And if further physiotherapy¬† treatment is needed, I¬†(Grace) can provide that as well.

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